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Radiant.Earth and OpenAQ Partner to Fight Air Pollution in Africa

WASHINGTON, Jan. 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Radiant.Earth today announced its partnership with OpenAQ to bring together a diverse group of individuals in Ghana and Kenya who are deeply concerned about poor air quality in their community and are looking for solutions. Radiant.Earth, a non-profit advocating for open geospatial data for positive impact and improved decision-making, will provide OpenAQ […]

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Angola:Central Bank's Alleged U.S.$500 Million Swindle Foiled

analysisThe latest episode in the long-running saga of the alleged plunder of Angola's public coffers has just come to light. Thanks to the diligence of British financial watchdogs and a change of regime in Angola, what is alleged to have been an attem...

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Swaziland:Health Crisis – Blood Supplies Dry Up

Swaziland's blood shortage crisis is continuing. It is one of a number of crises afflicting health in the kingdom.The Swazi Observer reported on Tuesday (30 January 2018) that blood stocks fell during December 2017 because donors were typically childre...

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South Africa:Opposition Leader Julius Malema Aims for His Master's Degree

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema has announced that he is diving back into his studies for a master's degree this year, after being inspired by writer Zakes Mda."Love you Bra @ZakesMda, I decided to continue my studies the day you tweeted...

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