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Daily Archives: March 13, 2018

South Africa:Bodies Piling Up At Gauteng Mortuaries As Staff Down Tools

Bodies are piling up at government mortuaries across Gauteng as staff down tools, demanding formal training from the Department of Health.Forensic pathology workers embarked on an unprotected strike last Wednesday, March 7, according to the acting chie...

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Africa:Some 74,000 Years Ago, Mount Toba Exploded. Our Ancestors Survived a Long, Volcanic Winter

analysisThe Mount Toba catastrophe is one of the world's most notorious: it caused a six- to 10-year volcanic winter and a 1,000-year cooling period, and has been blamed for the near-extinction of humans. A new study finds that at least one population ...

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South Africa:Wednesday Water File #8 – International

press releaseMost cities are located where they are because they had a good water source to start with, but as they grow they need to import drinking water and export waste water. Although Cape Town – with almost 4 million residents – has been billed a...

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Zimbabwe:Youths Group Wants Age of Candidacy Laws Abolished

A youth group plans a Constitutional Court challenge against age caps on public office, arguing the injunctions are discriminatory and therefore potentially unconstitutional.The National Association of Youth Organisations (NAYO) said it wants the age c...

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