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South Africa:Workers' Day – the Difficulties of Being Your Own Boss

analysisWhen Fani Ketso first came to Johannesburg to find work in an effort to support his wife and three children back home, it was a struggle. Ketso was forced to stand at an intersection with a black plastic bag, begging. "That was very tough for m...

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Zimbabwe:Power Company Turns Screws On Chivayo

By Nyemudzai KakoreThe Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) is reportedly reviewing Intratrek's contract to build the Gwanda solar power plant following the latter's failure to meet its contractual obligations, it has been learnt. Zesa Holdings group chief exe...

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Zimbabwe:Drama As 710 Kgs of Marijuana Worth Is Brought to Court

Business at Rottenrow Magistrates court came to a halt Monday morning when 710kgs of dagga was brought in as an exhibit in a case which two Harare man are accused of dealing in dangerous drugs.The suspects are Alphonse Mushanawani, 28 and Brighton Dind...

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Swaziland:Secretive Group Attacks Swazi LGBT

A secretive hate group is fighting to stop Swaziland having its first 'gay pride' parade. It has launched an online petition against the march organisers the Rock of Hope.The group calls itself Parents of Eswatini (Parents of Swaziland). It launched a ...

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