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Aliwal North Cluster operational successes

ALIWAL NORTH - Several stations in the Cluster embarked on crime prevention operations during the weekend.

Station Commanders, Visible Policing Commanders their members and reservists took to the streets so to ensure that crime is prevented.

Crime prevention operations conducted in Lady Grey focussed on compliance inspections at liquor outlets and stop and search activities of people and vehicles. Liquor was subsequently confiscated from illegal liquor outlets.

Burgersdorp also conducted the same activities and also recovered knifes from a tavern where the owners and their security guards collected them from the clients.

A special word of appreciation to the reservists for their sacrifice and contribution in the fight against crime.

These enhanced visibility activities contribute to the reduction of contact crimes.

The Deputy Cluster Commander, Colonel Mpho Rabela commended the members for their sterling efforts in order for our communities to feel safe and secure.

Source: South African Police Service

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