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Department of Basic Education condemns violence in schools

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) has learned with horror and absolute disgust of the violence contained in video that is circulating on social media.

The video, clearly filmed on a school premises believed to be in KwaZulu-Natal, depicts a male learner violently assaulting a female learner.

The DBE has condemned this violence in the strongest terms possible and such will not be tolerated within the school environment and should not be tolerated in our society at large.

The Education Department in the province is currently conducting an investigation to locate the school where this incident happened.

The Department will ensure that the strongest action possible is taken against the offending learner. We view gender based violence in a very serious light and we expect the police to ensure that the perpetrator is brought to justice as a matter of urgency.

As soon as we find the victim of the violence we will arrange medical examination and provide any other support that will be necessary.

We want our learners to refrain from any acts of violence and misconduct in and outside the school environment. This type of action is a criminal

offense and will need to be dealt with harshly.

Source: Department of Basic Education

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