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Department of Women on violence against women

Media Statement on current Violence against Women

Recent media headlines of women and children abused, raped, murdered, burned and buried in attempts to hide traces remind us of the vulnerability of women and girl children at the hands of men. There are many other women currently missing who may never be found.

Gender-based violence remains one of the most critical challenges facing our communities today. The recent disturbing developments sketch a grim reality that women continue to face in our society.

While some of these cases have caught the media's attention we should always bear in mind that there are equally brutal cases of many other women suffering at the hands of men � whose pain and suffering remains unknown. It therefore requires that we all do our part in our homes, communities and various institutions including places of work to prevent violence.

The trauma the grief and emotional scars left by these experiences on family members and the community � take time to heal � and sometimes they never heal.

Never does one feel oneself helpless as in trying to speak comfort to bereavement from these horrors. We are all weeping that many so young should have a life so brief.

We need to do more to intensify programmes that aim to prevent the abuse of women and children. We also need to do more to focus on boys and young men so that they become better members of our society tomorrow. We call on community leaders to engage with their communities to help prevent the abuse and violence against women and children 365 days of the year.

Source: Government of South Africa

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