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Drive less, live more

With the average Capetonian spending up to 40 days a year in traffic, it's time for all of us to think about what we can do to reduce congestion.

With the average Capetonian spending up to 40 days a year in traffic, it's time for all of us to think about what we can do to reduce congestion. While the City is upgrading roads and highways, we can't simply build our way out of congestion. What we need is real behaviour and attitude change.

With this in mind, we have launched a campaign, Drive Less, Live More, designed to help Capetonians make the change.

What can we do to reduce congestion?

A 2015 Congestion Study carried out by the Transport and Urban Development Authority proposed practical solutions to change motorists' travel behaviour. Our campaign highlights key focus areas from the strategy we can all try:

Flexible working programmes

Talk to your employer or HR representative about the benefits of the programme and how it will work for you and your company.

Business owners might want to consider a flexible working programme to retain key employees whose personal needs conflict with traditional work hours. Businesses could gain increased productivity, turnover and worker satisfaction, which improves the bottom line.

You have three options:

Flexi-time: start and end work at nonstandard times within limits set by management. Within this option you can choose from:

Core hours: be present during specified core business hours, but possibly adjust arrival and departure times each day (e.g. to be present between 10:00 � 14:00 every day, but the other four hours vary).

Variable day: work a consistent schedule of a different number of hours each day but achieve the expected number of hours within the week.

Staggered working hours

Starting times are determined by the employer - the times will differ from the company's standard times - but the same schedule is kept each day (e.g. to arrive at work at 07:00 every day and leave at 15:30).

Compressed work week

Work a full work week in fewer days (e.g. a full-time employee scheduled for 40 hours per week could work four 10-hour days instead of five 8-hour days.

Remote working

Work from home or remotely � or replace a peak-hour commute by working from home during peak hours then travelling to the office.

Transport options

Carpooling and lift clubs

Almost 80% of traffic is caused by people driving alone to and from work. With this in mind, carpooling/lift clubs is a practical option. If all Capetonians who drive alone added just one person to their car, we could halve the amount of traffic on the roads! See our tips for smart driving.

Public transport

Cape Town has a number of public transport options to take you to your destination. Our bus systems are reliable and efficient and serve the needs of thousands of commuters and visitors.

Source: City Of Cape Town

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