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Employment and Labour hosts business networking breakfast session with East London employers, 15 Oct

CF Commissioner to host business networking breakfast session with East London employers

The modernisation journey of the CF Filing project will form the core of the interaction of the Compensation Fund Commissioner, Vuyo Mafata, and employers in the Eastern Cape starting on Tuesday.

For years the Compensation Fund (CF) faced employers' registration and Return of earning challenges that saw employers sometimes waiting up to 90 days for registration to be processed and for them to be issued with Letter of Good Standing.

Mafata is set to meet the Eastern Cape Black Business Forum in East London at 8am at which he is expected to talk about the Fund's vision of being '' a world class provider of sustainable compensation for occupational injuries and diseases, rehabilitation and reintegration services.

He will be accompanied by top management of the Fund who will also focus on the mission of the Fund which is to:

Provide efficient, quality, client centric and accessible COID service

Sustain financial viability

Ensure an organisation which takes care of the needs of its staff for effective service delivery

Mafata is also expected to focus on the strategy of the Fund which comprises two strategic priorities, namely;

To provide faster, reliable and accessible COID Services by 2020

To provide an effective and efficient client orientated support services.

These will be accompanied by flagships projects focussing on

Integrated Online Platform for Employer Registration and compliance management

Online Claims Management System

Hospital Care Management Program

Disability Care Management

Integration of data from e-claims. ICM and umehluko systems or better

Review of medical services function in the Fund

Chronic Medication Dispensing

Improved capacity through Human Resource Development

Increase in the asset base of the Fund through investments

Contribute to employment creation through investments and training programmes

The meeting will end with presentations showing employers drastic improvements in registration process as well as benefits of the new claims system.

Source: Government of South Africa

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