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Excitement all around as first day of school year gets underway

Mixed emotions ran through learners in the Gauteng province today, as the first day of the school year got underway on Wednesday 15 January 2020.

Some learners were excited to be back and were looking forward to reminiscing with their friends, a different story could be told of the younger ones who were rather nervous and scared of "big school".

Parents were not spared from this ball of emotions, others looked on and shed a tear as their young ones walked towards class for the first time in their little lives, which marked the beginning of a 12 year long journey.

Clad in their colourful school uniforms with their schoolbags on their backs, school children from across the Gauteng province made their way to school, after the long holidays.

The Provincial Government might not have been prepared for the emotional roller-coaster on the first day, but everything was done to ensure that teaching and learning take place on the first day of school.

Premier David Makhura and members of the Executive Council visited various schools across Gauteng as part of the Gauteng Back to School programme to ensure smooth running of the first day of school.

"We want to take this opportunity to welcome all Grade R and Grade 1 learners to the schooling system, and wish them everything of the best on this important journey of their lives.

"We are excited that Grade R is migrating from the Department of Social Development to Education and that all Early Childhood Development Centres (ECD)will now have a formal programme and curriculum.

"This will assist to consolidate our efforts to improve learning in the foundation phase", said Gauteng MEC for Education, Payanza Lesufi.

Source: Gauteng Province

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