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Hawks members arrested for fraud and corruption

PRETORIA – Two DPCI members and a former police officer will be appearing at the Johannesburg Specialised Commercial Crimes Court today (Monday) for alleged fraud and corruption.
The three accused aged between 35 and 50, are alleged to have misrepresented a businessman who needed services of a private investigator. The victim suspected rampant fraud in his business and the three allegedly conspired and offered to assist him for a fee.
After several months, the victim established that one of the alleged private investigators was a Hawks member and immediately reported him to the organisation’s Serious Anti-Corruption Investigation. Investigations confirmed that the so-called alleged private investigator identified was indeed a Hawks member and had two other accomplices working with him.
The victim had already paid a substantial amount of money for the services of the three suspects.
The two DPCI members were arrested on Sunday afternoon whilst the former police officer evaded the arrest. Investigations continue.

Source: South African Police Service

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