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Labour on Compensation Fund’s briefing sessions

Compensation Fund ends briefing sessions by urging employers to influence envisaged assessment model
The Department of Labour’s Compensation Fund (CF) has rounded off its employer briefing sessions by calling on business to submit its inputs by November 18 so as to shape the new assessment model.
This was made in Cape Town on Wednesday following a hectic two–week programme where the fund engaged with employers in several provinces.
Bheki Ngcobo, Director: Employer Services at the Fund, said the inputs would form part of the regulations. Such inputs should be forwarded to cf.assessmentmodel@labour.gov.za
“We urge you to take full advantage of this opportunity to express your views,” he said.
Ngcobo said with the Fund going through transformation in many areas the goal is to ultimately deliver excellent services to people.
“We further want to simplify how we deliver such services. This will result in grouping employers into six classes rather than the current 102. This will however, be phased in over a three-year period,” he said.
The Fund has recently published the newly proposed Employers Assessment Model in the Government Gazette in response to concerns raised by employers about the current assessment model.
The benefits of this assessment model as outlined by the Compensation Fund and Mutual Associations are that:
• It will assist in complying with the relevant Accounting Standards and reduces losses due to fraudulent activities.
• The implementation of the regulation will ensure improvement on service delivery and more effective enforcement.
As far as Employers and Employees, the Fund says:
• The registration process will be easy and accurate for employers and lead to accurate billing.
• The complaints from employers will be effectively addressed improving the current turn around period for class and subclass changes.
• As a results employees will benefits through improved access to social security.

The Compensation Fund is a public entity under the administration of Department of Labour. The Fund’s mandate is to administer the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act. The main objective of the Act is to provide compensation for disablement of workers caused by occupational injuries or diseases sustained or contracted by workers, or for death resulting from such injuries or diseases, and provide for matters connected therewith.

Source: Government of South Africa

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