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Malawi: Former Minister Chaponda Faces 'Further Investigations'

Chairperson of the joint committee of Parliament which conducted an inquiry into Admarc maize procurement from neighbouring Zambia, Joseph Chidanti -Malunga has called for speedy prosecution of all culprits in the scandal following the adoption of the committee's report by Parliament.

The report was adopted by the House meeting in Lilongwe on Wednesday.

Chidanti Malunga said the investigation was worth it because it has saved a lot of money which could have exchanged hands through abuse of office and corruption through the procurement of maize from Zambia.

"It is now a parliamentary report, which means that everything that was said in that report has tdo be done," said Malunga.

The report tears apart former Agriculture minister George Chaponda's testimony that the country was in a critical food crisis therefore some laws had to be flouted just to get maize for the starving majority.

Malunga said the procurement procedures were flouted willy nilly and there seemed to be no regard for the law.

The reports indicate explictly in the grey areas where the procedures were flouted.

"Government will have that obligation to adhere to the recommendations of the report," said Chidanti Malunga,

He said the report has different recommendations for people that were interviewed.

On Chaponda, the committee chair said they recommendaed "further investigations" have to be done on the corruption element.

Malunga said some officers have to be taken to court for lying under oath during the inquiry.

Mangochi Monkey Bay MP Ralph Jooma said there was need to discipline some controlling officers in government to prevent and control the thefts. He cited the example of Agriculture ministry principal secretary Erica Maganga whom he accused of lying under oath several times.

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