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Malawi: Rain Wreaks Havoc in Lilongwe

Rains accompanied by strong winds on Thursday, caused havoc in the capital Lilongwe where it blew off roofs of different companies in the area.

Photos and amateur videos showed streets were submerged, building roofs destroyed after the heavy rains .

The meteorological department says rains will continue in various parts of the capital.

A visit to Area 4 by Nyasa Times reporter found some blocked roads by big trunk of a trees for example the road near the Shoprite which is just adjacent to the National Bank of Malawi Old Town Branch was half way closed leaving motorists stranded.

The visit also found that the falling trees and blown off iron sheets have cut off some electricity lines leaving the area in power blackouts.

The rains affected business in the area with trees also falling on vehicles.

It is not known whether the rains are here or they are just known as Chizimalupsa.

Some reports also indicate that Maula Prison has also been heavily affected leaving four prisoners injured.

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