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Malawi: State House Dismisses 'Beer Party' Statement As Hoax

State House has disowned a statement that has gone viral on socialnetwork portals including Facebook and WhatsApp--stating that President Peter Mutharika has invited Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) youths in the central region for a beer party--describing it as "untrue" and "unfortunate."

Social media has been awash with the news with information that Mutharika would like to treat the youths in the region as he did with the southern region months ago.

According to information circulating, about a thousand youths were supposed to attend the 'Chibuku beer party,' estimated at a K60 million budget.

The attendees would also, at the party, get K20 000 cash each, a golf shirt and DPP's branded cloth.

But presidential spokesperson, Mgeme Kalilani, said there was nothing of that sort being planned at the royal residencies.

"No. There is nothing of that sort happening at state house. It is news to me," said Kalilani.

Kalilani said the party tantrums were a "hoax," and certainly handiwork of people who do not wish the President well.

"As we are towards elections, there is certainly going to be a lot of mudslinging," he said.

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