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Minister Faith Muthambi convenes National Anti-Corruption Forum meeting, 19 May

Minister Muthambi convenes meeting to revive National Anti-Corruption Forum (NACF)

Public Service and Administration Minister, Faith Muthambi's move to convene a special meeting to revive the Anti-Corruption Forum (NACF) is a right step towards realising vision 2030 of a South Africa with a zero tolerance for corruption.

The NACF was established in 2001 by government, business and civil society with the main aim of preventing and combating all forms of combating corrupt activities in the country.

However, the last activity of the NACF was its fourth national anti-corruption summit in December 2011, while its last EXCO meeting was held in November 2012.

Minister Muthambi said: there is a wrong perception out there that corruption is a post-1994 phenomenon, which is untrue because corruption was widespread during the apartheid era.

As a democratic government, we've accountability mechanisms in place to combat corrupt activities that adversely affects government efforts to eradicate poverty.

We've created a number of institutions to fight against corruption, but we strongly believe that we need the NACF to be effective so that we can realise a South Africa which has a zero tolerance for corruption hence I have decided to convene a special meeting of various stakeholders in all sectors of our society to revive the NACF.

The purpose of the special meeting is to revive the NACF and to re-constitute the sectors of the forum.

One of the objectives of the NACF is to contribute towards the establishment of a national consensus through the co-ordination of sectoral strategies against corruption.

Source: Government of South Africa

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