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National Commissioner welcomes High Court Ruling

Pretoria: The National Commissioner of Police, General Khehla John Sitole has welcomed a ruling by the Pretoria High Court which compels a Magistrate from the Pretoria Magistrate Court to hand over records which she considered to issue subpoenas against three senior officers.
The Pretoria Magistrate issued subpoenas for the National Commissioner and two Deputy National Commissioners to subject themselves to IPID to be interviewed with regards to an “iView” investigation. The National Commissioner instead brought an application to review the decision of the magistrate to authorise such subpoenas. The said magistrate had not filed such record.
Therefore, the National Commissioner made an application to the High Court to compel the magistrate to hand over the “records” and this was granted yesterday.
The National Commissioner, in welcoming this order, has also embraced the fairness of the Justice processes.

Source: South African Police Service

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