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Non-Compliant Liquor Traders Must be Reported to Police

The Director of Commercial Law and Policy at the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti), Mr Desmond Ramabulana says that non-compliant liquor traders must be reported to the police for action. Ramabulana was addressing community members in Ga-Maponto, Limpopo during the education and awareness campaign to educate communities on the positive impact of legislation administered by the dti.

Ramabulana said tavern owners and other alcohol outlets have to act responsibly and in line with the prescription of their business licences. These requirements include the non-selling of alcohol to children and pregnant women.

“We have established that many local liquor traders do not comply with the rules of the National Liquor Authority (NLA). Many cases have surfaced where under-age children and pregnant women were sold alcohol which is against the law. We urge everyone within the community to report these transgressions,” said Ramabulana.

He stressed that some businesspeople took advantage of the fact that there was no bylaw enforcement on some of their businesses, and that led to certain level of misuse of liquor in the society.

One of the residents of Ga-Maponto village, Mr Simon Molea applauded the dtifor taking time to impart knowledge to the community on the various pieces of legislation that impact on their lives.

“Personally I am happy. it is not always the case where we host public officials in our remote areas to share such important information. Truth is our community members will benefit going forward,” he said.

Source: Department of Trade and Industry

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