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Police engaged with learners during Back to School Campaigns in Limpopo

Tzaneen: Two identified schools in Tzaneen Cluster were visited by the Cluster Management through conducting School Awareness Campaigns.

The campaigns were led by the Cluster Commander Maj Gen Maggy Mathebula accompanied by her entourage: Communication Officers, Social Crime Prevention Officer, Vispol Commanders, SAPS Tzaneen members, K9, POPS, CPF, YCP, VEP and other stakeholders.

The two identified schools namely Kgwekgwe High School and Motlatlego High School has a combined enrollment of about 1712 learners and they were addressed on the following topics:

*refrain from criminal activities

*focus on education



*drugs and substance abuse

*teenage pregnancy

*human trafficking

*sexual abuse

*peer pressure

*refrain from carrying dangerous weapons to school

*condemned vandalisation

Learners where also advised not to engage themselves with older men for their materials such as cars, money and gifts but rather focus on their school work to own their own assets.

A random search was also conducted in and around the school premises and at the vendors were the following were confiscated:


*04 A�cell phones with earphones

Not only does the police ensure safety and security but they also ensure that the needy learners are taken good care of thus they promised to donate school uniforms soon to the identified learners.

“Listen and respect your parents, teachers and elderly people. Do not get involved with the wrong friends to avoid becoming a law breaker because peer pressure might lead to wrong doing which will take you behind bars. A bright future is being determined by dedication, hard work and determination by an individual and a reward is being given to an individual’s success,” concluded General Mathebula.

Source: South African Police Service

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