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Premier Job Mokgoro appoints Administrator in Ramokokastadt

Premier Mokgoro appoints Administrator in Ramokokastadt
The Baphalane Traditional Community has recently been involved in violent community protests mainly at Ramokokastadt, but also affecting other villages such as Bojating, Witrandjie and Phadi, resulting in serious instability in the areas.
Violent protests resulted in amongst others:
• Closure of schools as far back as June 2018 (to date).
• Local Clinic not operational (no provision of health services)
• Transport services being disrupted (workers unable to go to work)
• Lack of economic activities (shops closed, some looted).
• Torching of public and private property
o Baphalane Traditional Offices,
o Schools,
o Clinic
o Houses
• Criminal activities escalating.
The complaints of the community dates as far back as 2013, and the situation escalated to the extent that service delivery is currently brought a grinding halt, the community is in serious distress as basic services are not accessible, people live in fear as elements of criminality have been reported.
The allegations levelled against Kgosi JJEM Ramokoka and the Traditional Council amongst others include:
• Mal-administration and poor governance
• Financial mismanagement.
• Lack of accountability to the community.
• Lack of community consultation on key decisions.
• Nepotism in employment practices, and skewed allocation of employment opportunities to villages within Baphalane Traditional Community.
• Lack of development in villages.
• Improper use of resources such as land, farms, etc.
Intervention by Provincial Government:
On 05 September 2018, Premier Mokgoro met with all the stakeholders as part of the process to find a solution.
A meeting was held with the Royal Family on the 11th September 2018 to try and obtain a recommendation to invoke section 10(3) of the North West Traditional Leadership and Governance Act no 02 of 2005, unfortunately the recommendation was not provided by the Royal family.
The Provincial Administration, intervened by invoking sections 9(3) and 10(2), of the North West Traditional Leadership and Governance Act No 02 of 2005 and appointed the Intervention Team to investigate matters indicated in the assigned Terms of Reference, the duration of the intervention is estimated to be six months.
This was an attempt to bring normality and to allow the veracity of the allegations to be tested.
The intervention team commenced with its work on the 19 September 2018, and has been issuing weekly reports, these resulted in the Premier invoking sections 9(1), 9(2), 11(5), 34(3) of the North West Traditional Leadership and Governance Act No 02 of 2005 Act, the purposes of which was to give proper effect to the essence of section 10 (2) measures.
A legal process ensued, whereby Kgosi and the Traditional Council were provided with preliminary allegations which were consolidated from written and oral submissions received from stakeholders as part of the investigation.
Premier Mokgoro has taken note of the representations made by the traditional council, and in the interest of the general public, Baphalane Traditional Community, Provincial Government, and the need to ensure that functions as set out in section 9(1) of the North West Traditional Leadership and Governance Act No 02 of 2005 Act are performed in an effective, transparent, accountable, and efficient manner, further measures as contemplated in Section 9(2), 10(1), 10(2), as well as 34(1), and 34(2) needs to be put in place.
Based on the aforegoing, the functions of the Baphalane Traditional Council are hereby curtailed.
Premier Mokgoro has then appointed Dr, Adv Ditaba Rantsane as an Administrator, as a further precautionary measure, with immediate effect until the investigations are completed and necessary actions undertaken. He will assist the Traditional Council and perform duties as set out in section 9(1) of the Provincial Act.
The decision is taken considering the public interest, good governance, and to bring stability and normality, whilst a process of investigations is being expedited. I request that necessary support be provided to the appointed administrator to enable him to execute the responsibilities mandated by legislation.
The North West Provincial Government will ensure the strengthening of law enforcement and implementation of security measures to restore peace and stability in the area as well as ensuring that the lawlessness that has been taking place is brought to an end.
The South African Police Services (SAPS) has been instructed to expedite investigations on all criminal cases within this area, and decisively deal with all criminalities.
The inconvenience that the communities have suffered is deeply regretted.
Service delivery:
The community of Ramokokastad has not been provided with services, and the impact of this has long and far reaching implications.
The situation resulted in a trust deficit, as moral of the community has understandably reached the lowest levels. Government is committed to ensure that the constitutional functions bestowed upon departments are executed henceforth in the area but the Premier is requesting that Baphalane afford government an opportunity to render services without hindrance.
Intervention team and the investigaiton process:
The Intervention Team appointed by the Premier, which is led by Mr Itumeleng Mogorosi will continue to conduct investigations, gather evidence, and engage affected parties and relevant stakeholders until the process is satisfactorily completed.
The report of this team will be made available at an appropriate time after all necessary legal processes have been completed.
This team has worked diligently, tirelessly, and the Premier requests all affected parties to afford them time and space to do their work without any fear, favour, or intimidation.
The North West Provincial Government has absolute trust and confidence in the team as they have showed highest level of professionalism as well as showing respect for the rule of law, and protect the integrity of the process.
Details of planned engagements with the community will be revealed upon completion of necessary administrative and consultative processes.

Source: Government of South Africa

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