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South Africa: #Rasta Strikes Again – Who Was He Even Painting?

Cape Town — As thousands gathered at the Moses Mabhida Stadium to hear President Cyril Ramaphosa deliver his maiden manifesto, popular artist Rasta couldn't resist to deliver his own.

The infamous artist Lebani Sirenje, popularly known as Rasta, has painted a portrait of Ramaphosa that left most South Africans talking and amused by how little the painting resembled the president.

The hashtag #Rasta is already trending on Twitter, with many asking if someone could steal the painter's brushes.

Here are some of the tweets

#ChasingTheDream @SdizoRSA - Someone needs to take rasta's painting brush 😂😂😂😂

@PoshPalesa - #Rasta must be arrested for defamation of character

@Sihle_Weirdo - Imagine if #Rasta was a tattoo artist #ANCManifesto

@nwamawila  - Think #Rasta is suffering from reverse brain malfunction... he can draw but his hands and brain speaks different language

The controversial celebrity painter is known for doing his most notable work at funerals and memorial services. Last year, his painting of U.S. singers Beyoncé and Jay-Z at the Global Citizen festival left people in stitches.  His paintings have drawn much attention and often backlash from the public, but Rasta is never bothered by the criticism.

Check out some of Rasta's portraits here...

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