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The alleged travel sponsorship

EWN reporter published a story alleging that as Minister of Sports and Recreation then, Minister Fikile Mbalula received a travel sponsorship of a total of R680 000 from a company associated with a company that has a business relationship with sports administrator SASCOC and that could pertain a potential conflict of interest on the part of the Minister as a member of Parliament and the Executive.

The Minister had wished that this matter would not enter public spectacle or innuendo laden journalism. The Minister is alive to the fact that a lie repeated many times soon becomes the truth in the ears of the unsuspecting public. The Minister wishes to take the public into his confidence and to clarify the following:

The Minister and his immediate family did travel abroad on the dates suggested in the report.

The Minister did not receive a sponsorship for the said private family trip; there were no gratuities or gifts received for the trip.

In so far as Members Ethics are concerned, the Minister has and had no direct conflict of interest arising from the trip as alleged by EWN and now other media houses as well.

The Minister has periodically adhered to the Declarations of Members Interests, this includes this period under review ending in end of September 2017.

Finally, the Minister's family was and is responsible for the trip from the family financial resources, details of which are completely confidential and protected in accordance with Members Code of Ethics.

The Minister regards the allegations as an orchestrated plan to impugn his integrity and deliberately cause him and his family harm in this regard, the Minister and his family's rights remain reserved.

The Members Ethics themselves recognize that such private activity is protected information and is confidential, this is known to journalists but it is deliberately ignored or trampled on.


Source: South African Police Service

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