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Zimbabwe: Minister Zhanda Says Donors Don't Love Country, Just in Private Business

ZIMBABWEANS should not be fooled into thinking that western donors who are operating in the country love them because the funding agencies are in reality into private business, says deputy minister of Agriculture responsible for Livestock, Paddy Zhanda.

The minister was addressing farmers who had gathered for the Livestock Conference in Harare recently.

He said some donor projects that are being implemented throughout the country have never been evaluated to determine their effectiveness.

"... if you check on the donors and closely look at their projects, they are not here to help us but to make money for themselves," said Zhanda.

He added, "We have a situation in Zimbabwe where we have not developed a template and, as a result, Zimbabwe has received a lot of aid from donor countries, but what has happened to the said aid?

"Nothing has been done because we have allowed people to do what they want and now it has become business for the donors to make money from the said projects.

"Their core business is no longer to help those farmers but their business just to make money for themselves in the name of projects."

The deputy minister further said he was once invited to officiate at a fish project event in Insiza which was said to have changed the lives of people within that community but was shocked to discover that that was not the case leading him to refusing to read a speech.

He said he was shocked to discover that those overseeing the project were driving brand new 4x4 Toyota Hilux vehicles and were paid hefty salaries.

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